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August 9, 2015


Post by Divya A

‘Cooking is not about being the best or the most perfect cook, but rather about sharing the table with family and friends.’ – Skye Gyngell

The word ‘food’ immediately lights up my face and brings a smile onto my lips! For that matter, it could be anything that is remotely connected to food. Food has always had that sort of influence on me.

There is a plethora of things about food which can get me excited in an instant . It could range from a variety of things like reading about food tales and recipes, browsing through food pictures, watching interesting culinary channels and shows, chalking out a menu, shopping for exotic ingredients to cook with, toying with various types of cookware, laying my hands on eye-popping crockery to serve food in and grabbing table linen and other paraphernalia to make my table look prettier. Last but not the least, I enjoy laying out the table to host my guests, family and friends with a lot of love. The icing on the cake is to step back and see them enjoy every bite and relish every morsel of the food! Oh drat! I forgot to mention the most important aspect of food to me: I am a complete foodie and I love to eat without any guilt whatsoever.

My food journey has been a very satisfying one for me and food has always put me on a high. It is a big bonus when people find their true calling and indulge in it. The feelings that are experienced in that exercise is inexplicable and can only be experienced!

The name ‘NIBBLES’ came upon me since everything about relishing food cannot escape a NIBBLE! You can either make a meal out of nibbling or just nibble away even if you are on a diet 🙂

This blog is a photo illustration of good food all the way! For me, food is not necessarily about recipes. I don’t follow a recipe in totality, at least when it comes to measurements, as long as its not baking. I mostly always do have a base recipe in hand and during other times draw inspiration from several recipes and conjure up one myself, and on a few occasions, I concoct one myself 🙂

Most of these dishes are very down to earth and not complex and very doable by almost anybody and everybody! A big deal of foraging for ingredients is not required to make any of these goodies and it can be whipped up with what’s available in your larder. Do it with a lot of love and almost every time you have a winner of a dish! Instant gratification for me is when I see my near and dear ones sit back and enjoy their meal. This feeling beats almost anything hands down! This blog is mostly a veggie-centric one with a lot of options for the vegetarians to explore.

However, it does not include a lot of desserts. Although a sweet tooth runs in the family, it is restricted to the chocolates and the chocolate ice-creams and therefore leaves me with little or no motivation to make sugar filled delicacies! The photo credits of most of the dishes should go to my dear husband 🙂 I didn’t really go about getting the photos done in a professional manner. The intent was to not compete with the best but to merely relive the joyous moments behind every dish. And moreover, all these dishes were pretty much the menu for dinner on various days and always there were hungry tummies waiting in anticipation to devour the food more out of hunger than anything else.  And therefore, very little time was spent on assembling, plating, and clicking away photos. I would like to call my husband and son the benefactors  😉  but they probably call themselves the guinea pigs! I hope all of you enjoy this whole experience as much as I did while putting it together 🙂 🙂

Until the next delicious dish, BON APPETITE!

A million thanks to my brother in law Ravi Jayaraman and his team at Mind Spark Technologies for their outstanding efforts in helping me make my dream of a NIBBLES blog come true.

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