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Snow Man

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During the Christmas holiday season guests are often greeted by the presence of a Snow man at the front yard of many houses. Building a snow man is something that kids love and is often also a family activity. The famili...

Reindeer Eats

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Reindeers do find a predominant place in Christmas celebrations. Reindeers and Christmas go a long way. They play an integral part in the delivery of gifts by the lovable Santa Claus. The stories of reindeers riding t...

Peppers and Cottage Cheese Skewers

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The colours of the Christmas season are unmistakably red, white and green. I decided to make an appetizer making use of ingredients with these colours. And what better ingredients than red and green peppers and white cot...

Star Bites

Posted on

With Christmas less than two weeks away I thought that I will do a series of Christmas related posts. Hope these posts will give you some ideas to make a few foodie treats to delight your kids and guests alike. The Ch...

Golden Yellow Turmeric Buttermilk

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I would have not thought of a turmeric flavored buttermilk if I didn't have to think of a welcome drink for a yellow themed surprise baby shower. Oops ! Baby shower did I say, hmmm ..... that's not what it was. I didn't ...

Chocolate Dipped Strawberries

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On the eve of Children’s Day I thought that a post featuring an item which potentially could be a favourite amongst children would be most appropriate. Children’s Day is celebrated in India every year on the 14 th...

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