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Agathipoo Fritters


On one lazy but busy day, with a host of things to do a white cover with pink flowers was thrust into my hands by my household help. I was wondering what this new routine is, as pink flowers in white covers come everyday to offer to the Gods. To find out what this was all about I peeked into the half open cover to get a proper look. My eyes were treated to a beautiful sight of bright pink flowers. I instantly knew that it was agathipoo and my mind got ticking with what I could do with it. Many thanks to the wonderful family who sent these fresh flowers for us to enjoy. It is also called Sesbania Grandiflora in English.

I definitely wanted to do a dish which was off the beaten path. Something fancy with the gourmet restaurant feel to it. It took a bit of time to get to understand as to how to make these fritters especially when the star ingredient is something that’s not often used in our kitchen. But the end result was worth all the pondering and the effort.

Dip the pink beauties in a batter and fry it until it’s golden brown and crunchy. Serve it with a creamy dip and you will be pleasantly surprised at the outcome.


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