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Air Pocket Bread Toast with Sundried Tomatoes, Sunflower Seeds and Rosemary Infused Olive Oil


The idea of this snack dawned upon me in an airport. This airport was in one of India’s most historic cities. A land of rich history, heritage, royalty and grandeur. Yes, you guessed right. It is the Pink city, Jaipur.

We had this wonderful opportunity to attend a wedding in our friends’ family in a palace in Jaipur. It was filled with splendor, warm hospitality and boundless energy¬†and enthusiasm. Whilst heading back, there was a cafe kiosk in the airport which drew our attention. On their visual window there were eye catching photos under which there was a label which read Air Toast. This was something which was not very commonly available in all the bakeries.

The Air Toast is apparently bread that is baked and has a lot of air pockets. This bread is lighter and fluffier and not very dense. We were so intrigued by this and bought the bread to make an appetizer out of it.

By virtue of the bread not being too heavy I thought I could use a creamy, cheesy, indulgent topping. I used cheese, herbs and also some rounds of sundried tomatoes. The crunch factor was taken care off by the crispy air toast. Extra crunch was provided by the roasted sunflower seeds. I served this air toast with a generous drizzle of home made rosemary infused olive oil.

A perfect appetizer for a game night, a good cocktail snack, a toast that’s bound to be a hit at kids parties and a delicious bite for a girls and ladies night. Creamy, crunchy and absolutely comforting is what this air toast is all about!

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