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Apple Halwa


This post is in honour of the Skanda Sashti festival that’s celebrated all over Tamil Nadu amidst great pomp and glory. The Skanda Shashti festival celebrates the story of Lord Muruga and the fulfillment of the purpose of his divine incarnation.

Lord Muruga or Kumara or Skanda is the child of Lord Siva and Goddess Parvathi. He was born in this world to annihilate the asura brothers. He did this by waging a war with them over six days and vanquished all of them in the battle. In lieu of this the devotees observe fast for six days and also devote their time in prayers and also sing songs in praise of the Lord.

It is a common practice to offers fruits as Prashadh to the Gods. But generally the devotees during special occasions and festivals such as these go a step further and transform the fruit into something delicious. This Apple Halwa is one way of making something tasty out of an everyday ingredient like an apple.

The Apple here is mixed with very few ingredients to be transformed into this delectable Prashadh. The apples are sautéed with some milk, sugar and Khoya which is a dairy product made out of milk. It is cooked to the desired consistency. Then some aromatics like elaichi, saffron and vanilla are added to bring forth more depth to the dish. Some roasted nuts are also included to give an extra bit of flavour to the dish.

This is one fancy bhog which will appease the Lord and will also serve as a treat to all the devotees who break their fast.
In addition to just being a Prashadh it is also an excellent dessert option that can be served at dinners and lunches too. This Apple dessert pairs well with some fresh cream and also some luscious, creamy vanilla ice cream.

Take time and make this offering to propitiate Lord Muruga and May all of you be the beneficiaries of the generosity of the Lord.
“Vetrivel Muruganukku AroHara” !! Which effectively means, “Lord Muruga bearer of the victorious spear,grant refuge from all unpleasantness in life.” Wishing all of you a very happy Skanda Sashti!!

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