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Asparagus in a Butter Garlic Sauce


Asparagus or garden asparagus is a spring vegetable. Nothing signals the arrival of spring like the appearance of asparagus at the farmers’ market and grocery stores.

Apart from being a delicious vegetable, it’s packed with a lot of health benefits too. It’s rich in Vitamin A,C,E and K. It’s a good source of fiber. Among many other health benefits it’s packed with antioxidants and is a brain booster.

Fresh stalks of asparagus can be used in several breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner dishes. They also adapt to many cuisines like Continental and Chinese.

This again is one of the vegetables that I crave for most of the time. Whenever I eat out and when ordering a dish if I think the dish gets enhanced by the addition of asparagus, I always request for some fresh spears of asparagus to be included.

This time these fresh stalks of asparagus were sent by a loving member of the family. I just wanted to toss them in a butter garlic sauce and keep it simple. This retains the flavour of the asparagus by not doing anything complex with it.

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