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Beetroot Fritters with a Cheese Dip and a Guacamole Dip


Bright, beautifully brilliant beets made way to my house from the mountains. There’s always something so special about beets from the hills and mountains. They taste so fresh minus the pesticides. Such beets needed to be transformed into something that was not boring and bland.

Fritters where the primary ingredient is the beetroot is not a common dish that figures in many a household. I thought that it could be an interesting thing to make with the beets. Fritters with a nice dipping sauce is a dish that one cannot resist.

Based on one’s preferences fritters can be made with eggs or also in a vegetarian manner. They can be deep fried, pan fried or baked based on each ones requirements. They can also be prepared in a gluten free manner.

A nice, smooth, creamy dollop of dipping sauce is the best friend of a fritter. Whatever you do, do not forget to make a nice sauce that would serve as the perfect accompaniment of fritters. It can be cheese based or yogurt based or tangy, based on the vegetable that is used in the fritters.

Fritters are a good way to sneak in vegetables into your everyday diet in an interesting manner. Fritters with a good sauce can very well become a healthy preferred snack for kids.

Beets and potatoes were combined together to make these imperfect shaped discs. A guacamole sauce was chosen as one of the options for the sauce as the creamy tanginess of the guacamole will cut through the sweetness of the beets. Another sauce was a mayonnaise cheese sauce which tastes good with almost anything in this world.

I was gifted by a dear family member this rather good looking half marble half wooden platter board which I have been wanting to use. These fritters inaugurated the use of that board from that day on.

Fritters done, beets from the mountains put to good use, a creamy duo of sauces to compliment the fritters taken care of, beets, potatoes and avocados incorporated into a single dish and what was left was to serve this platter full of goodness. And that was done too, to mark the end of another satisfying day in the kitchen.

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