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Beetroot and Oyster Mushroom Warm Salad with Roasted Nuts


I was inspired to make this warm salad after glancing through a Ukrainian dish. In Ukraine they make a warm salad with beets and mushroom and top it over some rye bread and serve it during Christmas. I decided to make a salad making my own changes and to also do away with the bread. In my opinion if you are confident enough of making something sumptuous by skipping the carbs then that’s the route to take.

I didn’t want these beets to be wasted away for many reasons. They were not from any department store or market and were not immersed in pesticides. They were hand picked, organic beets that were specially delivered to us all the way from the hills. A family known to us grows them for their own consumption and were kind enough to send it to us. What was more surprising was the fact that the family who sent these earthy root vegetables have no clue as to how much I love to cook with organic produce. So me being a happy recipient, I set about making a warm salad with it.

The beets are tossed together along with the oyster mushrooms in an onion butter garlic sauce. Some tanginess is provided by the lime juice and it is well balanced by the addition of honey. The garlic flavour provides an all together new dimension to the dish.

The beetroot has one of the most overpowering hues as it can completely transform the color of the other ingredients that it is paired with. And that’s what happened in this salad. What you see on the platter is a sea of bright magenta colored morsels neatly strewn together. Oh ! What a pretty sight they make. To make it look prettier and taste better you have specks of green spring onions peeping out. Roast some nuts and scatter them onto the salad and get ready to relish this warm salad.

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