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Blue Curaçao Mocktail


It was an evening of bright beaming faces, kids squealing in delight, tiny tots tottering on their heels and children chuckling away with their cousins. All in all it was a joyful and laughter filled evening. It was my littlest nephew’s birthday. Oh boy! Time has flown since the birth of the cute little fellow a year ago.

The colors of the birthday theme that was decided for him were baby blue, yellow and a hint of pastel green. It was finalized that some of the food for the party could be in colors of sky blue and a butterscotch yellow.

The azure blue sky presented a perfect ceiling in line with the colors of the party. We couldn’t have asked for a better setting. When the color scheme is a sky blue the mocktail that needed to be served was unanimously a drink made out of blue curaçao.

Blue curaçao is a syrup that is flavoured with the dry peel of a laraha orange. It is citrusy in taste and very refreshing to drink. The curaçao adds exceptional flavour to any beverage that it is added to.

The blue curaçao mocktail had to be obviously non- alcoholic keeping in mind the fact that it was catered to children and that it was for a kiddie birthday party. A simple concoction of lime soda with a little bit of sugar and the blue curaçao is all that it takes to make this thirst quencher of a drink.

There are a few variants that could be tried with this mocktail. One is the addition of some muddled fresh sprigs of mint. You could also top it with some lime wedges for some extra tang. The same mocktail could be served with cubes of ice stacked in a glass and one can enjoy the chillness of the mocktail and be transported to the beaches on islands with clear, pristine, blue waters.

Another way of serving this mocktail is in a tall, sugar rimmed glass. The sweetness from the sugar on the rim cuts through the tanginess of the mocktail and makes it an enjoyable drink. When you want them to adorn a table laden with blue colored goodies, pour them into tiny goblets and place them on the table. They will add more charm to the table and also bring in some excitement in the eyes of the children. This mocktail is in the most pleasant shade of blue and will immediately win your hearts with its hue. Order or make a blue curaçao mocktail and sip and savor this drink and chase away your blues !!


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