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Butter Sautéed Corn and Cottage Cheese Squares with Fresh Oregano and Roasted Pumpkin Seeds


I was singing a happy song when my aunt sent me some fresh herbs from the hills. And amongst the aromatic bounty were some fresh oregano leaves. To take maximum benefit of the fresh oregano I wanted to use it when it was healthy and green before it became limp. And I didn’t have to wait too long to use it for I had people over for dinner the same night.

Many a times when I have my family over for dinner I potter around in the kitchen making stuff. I take the liberty of not being a proper host by not spending time with them. This time I thought that surely there would be ways of serving delicious, innovative food and still not sacrifice spending time with them. My mind started thinking about dishes that could be made ahead of time and reheated just before serving by not compromising on the taste. It was a bit of an effort to come up with the recipes but the bonus was that the night turned out to be an enjoyable one where I didn’t have to sweat it out in the kitchen.

This dish is not about a multitude of ingredients and complex flavours and complicated cooking techniques. It’s about glorifying at best four ingredients with straightforward cooking processes and clean simple tastes. I did question myself if I did enough with this dish because it was ridiculously simple. But a clean platter put my doubts to rest.

The fresh corn kernels were sautéed in some butter and the cottage cheese squares were added to provide some meaty substance to the dish . The cottage cheese took care of the absence of a meat protein in the dish and made it more wholesome. The fresh, aromatic oregano leaves elevated the sautéed corn and cottage cheese to make it a desirable dish. The roasted pumpkin seeds gave it a crunchy texture and also the necessary nutritional quotient.

This is a good dish to make ahead of time for a lunch or dinner party. This simple dish brings out the clean flavours of all the ingredients in a fuss free style of cooking. It can eaten as a warm salad, an appetizer or an accompaniment to a main. Count this in as one of your menu options when you are hosting a meal or when you need to do your bit and take something for a pot luck meal !!

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