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Caramelized Banana and Peanuts with Flavored Fresh Cream


On one sunny, summery morning we were looking forward to hosting some amazing friends for breakfast. Sometimes your love for people bring out the best in you and you surprise yourself with the menu options that you come up with . That’s exactly what happened with me.

This particular breakfast fruit dessert didn’t need much of thinking and just struck me like lightning. I wanted to include it on the menu for many reasons. It was rich and indulgent but fruity and light at the same time. It was not ridden with a lot of calories but was a treat to eat on a day that was filled with sunshine.

I was in a haste and didn’t have much time to think about many options. And the fruit that always comes to one’s rescue during times like these is the good old banana. Most often than not, one would find this fruit in their households. It’s just a matter of transforming them into a delicacy.

The combinations that I wanted to use with the banana were flavored fresh cream and caramalized nuts. It was a no brainer of a decision to use peanuts, because banana and peanuts go so well together. The caramalization of the bananas and the peanuts are an important aspect of this dessert. Jaggery or gur provide a good syrupy coating of the bananas and peanuts during caramalization. They also make a good substitute to castor sugar without compromising on the taste. Serve the caramalized bananas and the peanuts atop some flavoured fresh cream. It hits the spot and is a perfect fruity finish to any meal. Make it and eat it and you will not be disappointed.

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