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Carrot Soup with Fresh Cream, Roasted Thyme Leaves and Roasted Sunflower Seeds


As opposed to what a lot of people think, carrots can be fed to rabbits as a treat and not as part of their main diet. The reason being, the high content of sugar and starch in the carrots could pose a problem if not had in moderation. Thereby the carrots become a reward food for the rabbits at best. But that’s not the case with humans. This nutritious root vegetable can be consumed by one and all with no major regulations and care must be taken to incorporate it into one’s diet.

Creative ways of preparing carrots endears one to this vegetable and makes it all the more interesting and something to look forward to. Carrots can be eaten in many ways. Raw, blanched,boiled,blended and blitzed being a few options. They can be used in a savoury dish and also in dessert options.

There was this one day when I was thinking of what soup to make. I wanted to make something continental and something which will be liked by one and all. And to add to that it most definitely had to be nutritious, warm, cozy and comforting. Carrot soup is what I thought would tick all the boxes. So a carrot soup it was to be. But I didn’t want to make any boring carrot soup that just required boiling the carrots and blitzing to get a soup in a bowl done. I wanted to take it a notch higher and thought of ingredients that would pair well with the carrots and produce the required result that I was looking for.

A tiny bit of fresh cream I knew would be a good addition to the soup. I love a creamy, silky, smooth soup with a bit of crunch. The roasted sunflower seeds not only gave it the necessary crunch but mind you it was a healthy crunch. Almost always a good herb totally lifts the flavor of the soup and makes it very enticing. The natural instinct would be to add a dash of dried herbs or just sprinkle some fresh herbs which would still give the required result. But this time I wanted it to be different and it had to be something more. Thyme and carrots go well together and I had a sprig of fresh thyme on hand as well. I wanted to toy with the idea of adding roasted thyme to the soup. And boy wasn’t I glad that I did it!!

This carrot soup had to be a wholesome meal option that could potentially be an entire meal by itself so I did away with the idea of making a clear soup or in the broth style. This mimosa colored soup turned out to be healthy, hearty,silky, smooth, warm and cozy all at the same time. This ochre coloured goodness in a bowl is a fit soup to be had on a rainy day, when you are under the weather, when you want to go on a diet but still eat something nice or when you want to eat a one pot meal. Make this and enjoy it all by yourself or with friends and family !!

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