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Chocolate Dipped Strawberries


On the eve of Children’s Day I thought that a post featuring an item which potentially could be a favourite amongst children would be most appropriate.

Children’s Day is celebrated in India every year on the 14 th of November. This day incidentally happens to be the birthday of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru who was the first Prime Minister of our country. It was his love and yearning for children that made Indians celebrate Children’s Day.

Since it is a day dedicated to children it would be a loving gesture to prepare a tasty sweet treat for the kids. Nothing can beat a nice fruity chocolatey delicacy that would delight the kids.

Conjure up innovative ideas to make a fruit based sugary treat that is healthy and at the same time exciting for the kids. This is where the strawberries and chocolate come into play. The strawberries take care of the health quotient of this dish and the chocolate makes it interesting for them.

The strawberries are excellent sources of Vitamin C and K as well as providing good dose of fiber, folic acid, manganese and potassium. The colour of the strawberries instantly excites the children. And which child doesn’t like the good old chocolate. The two together make a drool worthy combination.

Pick out some luscious bright strawberries and get them ready by cleaning them up to be dunked into a molten brown delicious sea of chocolate. Dip them into the melted chocolate and refrigerate the strawberries to set the chocolate. Take them out and be ready to serve these dual shaded beauties.

The strawberries become so irresistible being dipped in the goodness of milk chocolate. Make this for your kids on this special day and ask them to”Go For It” for this is something that they can definitely afford to binge on. These can also be served as a party snack for birthdays and also as a dessert snack.

Wishing all the children a very Happy Children’s Day and May the world be a safe and secure place for them !!

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