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Cottage Cheese, Baby Corn, Bell Peppers and Roasted Nuts Salad with Basil Dressing


A pin-up of everything healthy,wholesome,interesting and tasty is a salad. A salad can become something that you would want to look forward to eat. It can be done so by thinking out of the box and coming up with something innovative. Using ingredients that would present a vivid vision of bright colors, smattering spoonfuls of deliciousness and a medley of different textures would help you do that.

This particular salad was sent to someone on their birthday for dinner. I didn’t want it to be a generic salad and thought of making something which packed in a punch. The ingredients that went into the salad were also things that are universal favourites of many.

The soft mellow cottage cheese presents a contrast in texture to the crunch of the peppers, onions and nuts. The perfect bite from the baby corn further accentuates the varied levels in texture making it a glorious mouthful. The creamy white from the cottage cheese, the bright red of the pepper squares, butterscotch yellow from the baby corn rounds, lilac from the translucent bits of onion, caramel brown from the roasted nuts and a pleasant pastel green from the silky basil dressing make for a vibrant platter of food.

The basil dressing ties up all the ingredients together making it a delectable salad. Fresher the basil even better the outcome. Experience a party in your mouth by helping yourself to a generous portion of this exotic salad and disappointed you will not be!!

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