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This summer deserved yet another cucumber post. I had someone special from the family coming over for tea. I thought that this would be an apt occasion to make this cucumber treat. Being a healthy eater with a penchant for fresh food was all the more reason for me to make it. What was a pleasant surprise was that two affectionate little girls also decided to pay us a visit that day. I was excited to serve them these treats as it was floral, fancy and absolutely girly.

Cucumbers have a high water content and is so good to be eaten during summers as it keeps the body hydrated. There are many entrees that could be prepared with the cucumber. Some of these preparations don’t let you prepare them ahead of time and store, as the cucumbers leach out water making the dish very watery and soggy. So it’s better to make them and serve them immediately. But it’s worth all the last minute work that goes into it.

I like pretty looking things and that extends to food too. I had a choice to make these cucumbers and carrots as just regular rounds and serve it with a dip in a bowl. That would have tasted as good and looked good too. But I wanted to bring in the”WOW” factor and decided to make flowers out of the cucumber.

The initial idea was to serve the dip atop the carrot round which was going to be placed on the cucumber flower. But I thought that the filling to the cucumber ratio would be way off. By doing it as per the original plan the filling would be very less and the entire mouthful would only taste of the cucumber thereby affecting the final taste of the dish. So this idea went out of the window and I decided to smear the filling on the cucumber flower and then place the carrot over it. This was a perfect pop in the mouth treat with the right amount of filling and cucumber.

There are numerous options for the filling that you can make to go on the cucumbers. You can try cream cheese, mayo and cheese, mint sauce and hung curds. I went ahead with the hung curds as cucumbers with yoghurt are an eternal combination which one can never go wrong with. The hung curds were blended with some spices and herbs and seasoned to perfection and the filling was all done.

These bite sized beauties are very appropriate for a tea party,kids get together, a game night and also as a cocktail snack. They look so dainty at the table and has all the potential to be the center of conversation at your next “do”!!

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