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Cucumber and Fresh Herbs Sandwich


The sun was blazing away this summer and mornings were becoming increasingly hot.Sultry morning breakfast dos are not necessarily enjoyable all the time. We had some good friends over for breakfast since breakfast was the only time that they were available. I wanted their experience to be a pleasant one and didn’t want them to be feeling uncomfortable.

Food often can be an antidote to humid weather. I decided to make a couple of dishes which were not greasy and laden with oil. The first thing that came to my mind was a non toasted sandwich. And when you think of summer, savory and refreshing all at the same time one of the first ingredients that comes to our mind is the cucumber. So a cucumber sandwich it was to be, on the menu for breakfast that morning.

I wanted to make a fancy cucumber sandwich rather than just a couple of slices of bread slathered with butter and cucumber rounds assembled on them with a dash of salt and pepper. I knew in my head that fresh herbs and cucumber with some cheese will make an amazing combination. So, in short that’s the cucumber and fresh herb sandwich for you.

When I was serving my little friend he was quizzically looking at the sandwich wondering if he should eat it or not. He wanted to know if it was a chicken sandwich and I lured him into eating it by saying that it tastes as good as a chicken sandwich. He took my word and helped himself to a sandwich. I was lost in my thoughts wondering if I had disappointed him by offering a cucumber sandwich instead of a chicken sandwich. Almost jolting me from my reverie there was a joyful voice which proclaimed that it does indeed taste as good as a chicken sandwich. I needed no further assurance that the job was well done.

This sandwich is an ideal sandwich to be prepared and served during any time of the day. It is very flavourful and full of freshness from all the herbs that are used as the filling. It is a very fine improvisation on the regular cucumber butter sandwich. It potentially could become your favourite summer sandwich. If you haven’t tried this before now is the time to make it and love it.

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