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Cucumber, Onion, Tomato, Bell pepper Salad with Roasted Sesame Seeds and Caramalized Nuts


Salads are good to be eaten at any time of the year. There is a salad for every season, be it summer, spring, autumn or winter. You can make an amazing salad with the fresh produce of the particular season or can also make do with the leftover vegetables from your refrigerator.

Salads can be made with cooked, boiled, blanched or puréed ingredients or with fresh, raw vegetables and fruits. Cold and warm salads are equally sumptuous. There is a diverse array of dressings that can be drizzled over the salads. They can be of the creamy or tangy kind. A salad is all this and more, further reinstating the fact of how versatile a salad is.

This salad is made with ingredients that would most often be sitting pretty in the refrigerators of all the households. This is so light and refreshing to eat. The tanginess comes from the lime dressing, the sweetness from the honey and caramalized nuts and the freshness from the herbs. The presence of the green chillies in the dressing gives it just the right amount of spicy kick.The cucumber half moons and the yellow peppers provide the needed crunch.

The key thing about this salad is that all the ingredients except the nuts were kept fresh thereby maximizing on retaining the nutrition in all the vegetables. This salad is bound to satiate the salad craving in many. It is an excellent side option to be served with meat. This can also be eaten as a low calorie snack during any time of the day!!

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