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Five Layer Salad in a Glass with Persimmons, Cottage Cheese, Lettuce, Grapes and Pomegranate


This salad got to be made, thanks to the gorgeous persimmons that were sent to us by a very thoughtful family who always share such marvels of nature with us. They sent quite a few so I portioned it into three batches. One batch was to be eaten fresh so as to enjoy the fruit as is, another batch got made into this salad and the third batch of fruits were used to make a dessert with.

There was a driving desire in me to present this salad in a fanciful way. I didn’t want to put it on a platter and serve, because that’s what one tends to do for the most part. It works to serve it that way too but this time I wanted to do something novel. Layering a salad with the various ingredients seemed like a good idea. Each individual layer comprised of the different ingredients and it was decided to present it in a transparent glass to make it look appealing.

Salads are healthy options to be eaten on the go. They make one energetic and keeps lethargy at bay. This layered salad can also be packed in jars with a lid to be eaten on the move, at work, at a picnic or even when traveling.

A little bit of thinking had to be done to come up with other ingredients that could be paired with the persimmon. The orange persimmons were sweet with a cinnamon and honey flavour. So the dark violet grapes and the ruby red pearls of pomegranate were used to strike a contrast in color and flavour. The tanginess of the grapes and the slight sourness of the pomegranate complemented the sweet persimmons. The cottage cheese brought with it some softness and volume and the lettuce some crunch to the salad. With a simple dressing drizzled on top it became a well rounded salad .

The persimmon has been used as the name of a color shade from many years. It is a brilliant shade of orange that has got tones of the color of a mango and a papaya. It is a bright color that peps up the look of any dish .

What you have before you is a five layered colorful salad with different, distinct colors from all the layers. The green from the lettuce leaves, dark purple from the grapes, blush red from the pomegranate, an off white from the cottage cheese and a golden orange from the persimmon completed the good looking salad. With the salad done it was time to tuck into this tempting salad and relish the various layers of goodness.

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