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Flavoured Fresh Cream Shots with Homemade Blueberry Compote


Friendship Day is celebrated all over the world today and in our country too. The importance of friends in everyone’s life is huge and it was decided to dedicate a day to celebrate their presence in one’s life. The friendship day celebrations is believed to have been started more than eighty years ago by the United States of America.

There has also been information of this day being celebrated much earlier than that. Joyce Hall founder of Hallmark cards decided to declare a day for friends. She declared that friendship day be celebrated from then on by sending cards to friends world over and wishing them a Happy Friendship Day.

I was thinking to myself as to what would be an ideal post for Friendship day. It’s always lovely to bond with friends over food. What’s more common is that people like to get together and unwind with their friends after a long day with either some mocktails or cocktails. Friends are true stress busters and the presence of a beverage during their chats is a welcome boost to their relaxation. It was then that I decided to make flavoured cream shots that is non-alcoholic and one that can be enjoyed by all.

These shots can be relished by children when they want to celebrate with their friends (after all it’s not fair to leave them out of all the fun) and also by women of all age groups. It’s decadent, flavourful and fresh.

The fresh cream was flavoured with some vanilla. I sipped to take a taste of it and it was yum. I further wanted to accentuate the flavour of the fresh cream. There were some plump, luscious blueberries on hand. I jumped at the idea of making a fresh blueberry compote from scratch. The flavoured cream was poured into shot glasses and topped with the freshly prepared blueberry compote.

These shots are happiness in a glass and taste so good. You can unapologetically reach out for seconds and thirds and still maintain your composure. So here’s your nonalcoholic way to enjoy your shots. They also can be served as one of the dessert options. Cheers to all my friends and wishing everyone a very Happy Friendship Day !!

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