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Flavourful Lemongrass Tofu


Lemongrass screams Thai cuisine and I decided to fittingly use it in a Thai preparation. Lemongrass and tofu pair so well together and I knew this for sure because of my past experience of combining the two. This dish has been on my to do list for many months. I finally found a reason to make it because of a happy occasion and also because I had access to fresh lemongrass. This lemongrass again was from my aunt’s garden patch. This was sent to someone dear to celebrate her special day.

People tend to think tofu dishes are bland and boring. This dish will prove them all wrong. It’s all about using the tofu with the apt ingredients that makes a tofu dish very appealing. And that’s what this preparation does.

Use fresh lemongrass stalks because that’s the heart and soul of this dish. Marinate the tofu with the lemongrass and a slew of other fresh spices . Make sure to also procure some fresh Thai basil leaves which ups the flavour quotient of this dish tremendously. Thai bird chillies also gives just the necessary kick to this tofu preparation.

Marinate the tofu long enough to allow the flavours of the spices to seep in. The fresh Thai basil leaves and the roasted coarsely powdered peanuts are also added to make it a complete dish. If you want to eat it with plain jasmine rice or sticky rice then it can be made in a saucy consistency. I wanted to serve it as an appetizer and thereby it was in a drier consistency. All of you make it, pick up a fork, and insert a forkful of tofu goodness into your mouth and enjoy.

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