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Fresh Rosemary Butter


This was the last dish that got made out of the fresh sprigs of rosemary that was part of the loot from my aunt’s. Fresh herbs sometimes don’t keep too well for a long time. When you have a generous amount of fresh herbs you always think of using them wisely so that you can enjoy them for a longer period of time. And that’s what I wanted to do with these last sprigs of fresh rosemary leaves.

I decided on making a fresh rosemary butter that can be refrigerated and used for many days. People often tend to think that by using many ingredients and doing a lot to a dish they can take it a notch higher. Complexity sometimes can become the bane of a dish. Many a times all you need to do to make a dish perfect is the right combination of a few ingredients. That’s exactly what I attempted to do with this rosemary butter.

Get hold of some fresh creamy butter, add some salt, freshly cracked pepper, some organic freshly ground garlic paste, some chilli flakes and some fresh sprigs of rosemary and you have your butter ready. The key here is to use a pepper cracker and pop in the pepper corns and grind the pepper. You can smell the aroma of fresh pepper wafting in your kitchen. Also make a home ground fresh garlic paste with organic garlic. The combination of the freshly cracked pepper with the garlic paste and the fragrant fresh rosemary sprigs emanate a tantalizing aroma that will make you go heady in the kitchen.

There are many ways of using this butter. They are good to be used on toast and you can make interesting sandwiches out of them. You can also use them as a part of the sauce in pastas and also in pizzas. Try out this rosemary butter and make your meals even more interesting !!

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