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Fusilli, Tricolor Capsicum and Corn Salad


During times when you only want to eat a salad for your meal, including a pasta in your salad is a good option.
It’s filling and you get to treat yourself to a pasta in the form of a salad. The icing on the cake is that the pasta is accompanied by some fresh vegetables which adds to the nutritive quota required by the body.

The peppers are rich in vitamin C, E and B6. The capsaicin in bell peppers has a lot of nutrients which are beneficial for the body. They are tasty, low in calories and also filled with a lot of health benefits.

Considering all the above, it’s wise to include bell peppers as part of your meal plan for the week. They can jazz up any salad and make it a tempting dish to eat.

This salad captures the crispness of the capsicum in its three glorious colors and fuses itself with the fusilli in the most delicious way possible. It could very well become your comfort food that you would want to eat often.

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