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Golden Yellow Turmeric Buttermilk


I would have not thought of a turmeric flavored buttermilk if I didn’t have to think of a welcome drink for a yellow themed surprise baby shower. Oops ! Baby shower did I say, hmmm ….. that’s not what it was. I didn’t quite get it right. It was a surprise baby sprinkle !

Baby sprinkles are a newer trend and a lot of people are not aware of it. Some people wonder the need to throw a baby shower when they already had one for their first child. But hey, in my opinion I think the entry of every child should be celebrated and a baby sprinkle is one way of doing it.

Since most of the things can be used from their first delivery, for the next baby the mother will not require too many things to welcome her next bundle of joy into this world. By this baby sprinkle the family and friends sprinkle her with the choicest of gifts for the little one who’s going to grace the family.

Generally the invites for the baby sprinkle is limited and the event is more informal. This baby sprinkle also was a cool, casual friendly get- together of friends who were excited to catch up. There was a friendly banter ensuing between them.

Since the color theme of the baby sprinkle was yellow in color I had to come up with a drink that had the same color. I didn’t want to go down the sugary route and decided to serve a savory drink.

Buttermilk is a favourite amongst people across all generations. A turmeric flavored buttermilk was an ideal match to the yellow color concept. The pinch of turmeric that was added along with the other seasonings transformed the creamy white buttermilk to a nice, bright , golden yellow.

The turmeric proved to a natural food colorant sans the presence of chemicals. It is a very healthy and potent herb which is one of the most commonly used Indian spices. Turmeric is on top of the list as one of the frequently mentioned medicinal herbs in all of science.

Nothing could be better than to make an enjoyable drink with the turmeric as one of the main ingredients. This is a good drink to have all by yourself even on a daily basis because of it’s immense health benefits!!

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