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Gur Coconut Modak and Ladoo


Today is Ganesh Chathurthi also known as Vinayaka Chathurthi. The festival remembers and celebrates the birthday of the beloved elephant headed God, Ganesha. He is widely revered and worshipped as the God of beginnings,remover of obstacles, the patron of arts and science and the deva of intellect.

It is a ten day festival and on the tenth day Lord Ganesha is propitiated and offered prasadh which include sweets of different varieties as he is very fond of sweets. The idol of Ganesha is taken in a procession with music and group chanting and then immersed in a water body.

The favourite sweet of Lord Ganesha is the modak which is a dumpling with sugary, sweet filling. Many people also do a savoury dumpling. I wanted to do a different version of the dumpling. Retaining the filling that went into the modak and making it into a ball like ladoo, I knew would be a delicious prasadh. This was my version of the modak. And to keep in line with the favourite food of one of the most loved Gods I shaped some of the filling into small little modaks. I thought this simple but sincere offering might just about suffice in delighting Lord Ganesha.

Some fresh coconut was grated and kept ready as it was the main ingredient of the prasadh. Some gorgeous, light golden colored gur or jaggery was added to the grated white thin shards of coconut. A little bit of some rich, thick condensed milk was added to give it the necessary indulgent taste. In the presence of some crimson flames they came together so beautifully. The addition of some elaichi powder and some roasted nuts took it a notch higher.

Make this Gur Coconut Modaks and Ladoos and appease the Lord and get his blessings for a life filled with splendour, success, wisdom, prosperity and a path free of obstacles. Wishing everyone a Happy Vinayaka Chathurthi ! Om Shri Ganeshaya Namaha !!

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