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Love is in the air. Business booming big time in card stores, at the florists and also the chocolate boutiques. People gifting each other, with love in their hearts and many waiting in eager anticipation for gifts from their loved ones. Kids making hand made cards for their friends and family and parents making an effort to show their love to their children by cute little gestures. Bakers put on their baking hats and churn out the most amazing pastries and cakes. The heart rules on this special day.

All this sounds too cliched and a lot think that it is a western practice that we try to ape. But hey, what’s the big deal. There’s no harm in celebrating this day, for love needs to be cherished, shared and enjoyed every single day. All the more a reason to do it on the day it has been set aside for. Make it extra special and let your loved ones and people close to your heart know that you love them and care for them. It need not always be about an expensive or inexpensive gift, splurging or going all out. It can be small, simple things, like a hand written note, a phone call, a message, making something nice for your loved ones, a hug and the list just goes on.

There was just too much of sugar confectionery around and I just had to make something savory that would fit in with the theme. With my jam packed days I didn’t really think about it much. But sometimes the spirit of the day is just enough for you to come up with something that’s worthy enough to make and post.

This is a tomato bite sized appetizer that’s topped with some flavored cheese and cream and garnished with roasted almonds. What instantly makes it special is the key ingredient called LOVE that went into it.

All you lovely folks go ahead and make this appetizer on any day of the year for anyone you love and you will immediately bring a smile onto their faces. Wishing all my friends lots of happiness today and all year through!

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