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Indian Style Green Mango Salad


Many might want to call it a pickle but I guess salad or pickle, both ways would work. This is best prepared with the kilimooku mangai or in other words the parrot beak mango, if it’s literally translated. Its name comes from the fact that it looks like a parrot beak because of its color and shape . Such is the beauty of nature’s creation.

For anyone who resides in the state of Tamil Nadu there is a lot of nostalgic memories around this dish . It makes its glorious presence in the petty shops outside schools, in the by lanes of streets, beaches, and also on the green banana leaves in many auspicious functions.

It could be eaten as a salad or even double up as a pickle which becomes the perfect accompaniment to yoghurt rice. When people feel like snacking on something healthy they just smear long strips of this mango with salt and chilli powder and munch away. I just went a step ahead and added some extra ingredients to make a tart,tangy,tasty salad. I am sure this post must have kindled some long,lost,loving memories in all of you.

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