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Lemon and Turmeric Flavored Rice with Roasted Peanuts and Onion Yogurt


This dish is all about fondly reminiscing the past. Exactly a year ago amidst a lot of anticipation and excitement this dish was prepared. It was also made in a hush hush manner as it was for a surprise luncheon. It was a lunch organized for a mother-to-be.

The luncheon was a BEE theme and it was yellow hued. It was decided that the food that was going to adorn the table would be yellow too.

I love to mull over and come up with interesting ideas of how to make an age old favourite dish of the state into something chic. It had to be presented in a novel manner for it to not be a misfit on the table. I did think of something that would make the humble lime rice glamorous.

For the lunch there had to be a main course apart from all the other nibbles. Since the food was yellow themed what instantly came to my mind was the lime rice. Keeping in line with the golden rays of the sun the turmeric transformed the rice into a lovely golden yellow. Some fresh lime was also squeezed to give it the required tanginess. Further the lime rice was pepped up with some seasonings and the addition of roasted peanuts. To enhance the visual appeal it was served in glasses on a bed of flavoured, onion yogurt.

I decided to mainly go ahead with this dish because it fitted the brief, of the food being yellow to a T. But what surprised me was to see people from three generations reach for the glasses and happily enjoy their rice. With just a wee bit of thinking and effort we had glorious, golden hued grains in a glass on a bed of white velvety yogurt that garnered generous appreciation from one and all !!

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