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Mickey Mouse Face Fruit Platter


Not often would I get around to making something which is part of a Mickey Mouse theme. Well, this time I did it because it was a rather special occasion. It was for my nephew’s birthday. The birthday was a Mickey Mouse theme only for the reason that he absolutely loves Mickey Mouse. Being just twelve months old and not a five or six year old who has frequented the Disney parks it is quite surprising as to how much he loves this adorable Disney character. People might think that the Mickey theme is quite antiquated and outdated but we decided to go ahead with it for the simple reason that he not only likes it but loves it. He does not even need to look at the image of a Mickey Mouse but the mere mention of this universally famous character is enough for him to go off into a giggle.

There were already many things that were on the menu for the party and I was instructed to not bother myself and do anything. How could I not ! The little fella had an impish look about him which matched with that of the Mickey Mouse that prompted me to make something cutesy and whimsical.

On the kiddie sweet treats table there were cup cakes, custard, jellos, cookies, biscuits, marshmallows, chocolate truffle shells, marble candies and the birthday cake. I was in a dilemma as to what to make as most of the things were covered and I wanted to make something pertaining to the theme. I decided to make something which resembled a Mickey Mouse and also wanted to make something which was low in calories, healthy, fruity and refreshing. I also noticed in many places, that however tasty the dish is, if it is not bite sized, people hesitate to serve themselves a helping of the dish. Factoring that in mind whatever I was going to make was going to be bite sized.

I concluded on a making a bite sized Mickey Mouse face fruit platter. It had no cream, no sugar and was as fresh as one can make it. The tough part was to make a Mickey Mouse face with the fruits available and to also make it bite sized. Sometimes if the medium is bigger it is easier and better to create pieces of beauty. But by wanting this dish to be bite sized the fruits to be used to get the desired effect was not going to be very easy. But I labored with it and came up with a plan.

A star made out of pineapple was going to be the base of the Mickey Mouse. The face of the mousey was a red piece of watermelon and the ears of the Mickey were small rounds of black grapes. This completed the face of the famous Mickey Mouse. This representation of the Mickey Mouse did get everyone’s attention.

An empty serving plate meant that it was a fruit platter done right. It was a platter with no added sugar but full of the natural sweetness from all the fruits. Well, what’s not to like when you have assembled the choicest and most delicious of fruits. The pineapple, watermelon and grapes are all fruits endowed with sweet juices due to which this bite sized fruity delight turned out to be one juicy treat !!

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