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Olive Spiders with a Tomato Cheese Slush Dip


Children look forward to Trick-or-Treating during this time of the year. Yes, you guessed it right…..Halloween is around the corner. People get thrilled about planning for Halloween parties and thinking about ghostly, ghastly costumes and make-up. They let their creative juices flow to put up something spooky, interesting and tasty at the table. All in all they just want to unwind with not a care in the world and have a night full of unlimited fun.

At least one dish that’s worthy of a second look needs to be put on the table for a Halloween do. It can be anything that captures the essence of the theme of the festival. On nights like this it is preferable to make that one dish ahead of time to avoid last minute hustling.

These olive spiders with a tomato cheese dip could very well be that dish. It’s a great dish to prepare ahead of time since the deliciousness of the dish does not get compromised one bit.

The olives are arranged like spiders and a tomato cheese dip is placed in the center to represent a slush of mud. Tomatoes and cheese with the necessary herbs and seasonings is a dip that’s bound to woo your guests.

Add a little mayhem to your table by making these olive spiders. They are spooky, creepy, crawly and so Halloweenish. Set it against the backdrop of a brilliantly woven look-alike spider web and you are all set to entertain and rock the night. And what’s more,they can also double as yummy bite sized snacks for your future parties.

Wishing all of you a very fun, exciting and interesting Halloween Day !!

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