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Peppers and Cottage Cheese Skewers


The colours of the Christmas season are unmistakably red, white and green. I decided to make an appetizer making use of ingredients with these colours. And what better ingredients than red and green peppers and white cottage cheese to showcase the Christmas colours.

I always believe at every meal it is very important to have a couple of dishes with fresh ingredients. The crunchiness and crispness of the fresh ingredients is a great addition to the other dishes on the menu. These skewers will provide the relief that would be required amongst all the other food options in the meal.

I wanted to keep it simple and let the peppers and the cheese be the talking point of the dish. The red and green peppers were skewered along with the white soft cottage cheese. I very well knew that a nice dipping sauce would accentuate the taste of the skewers. An Asian influenced sauce was put together with some soy, garlic and some seasonings.

The pepper and cheese skewers with the dipping sauce is a fantastic appetizer to be included in your Christmas menu. It literally takes no time to put together these skewers. This is also excellent to take to a pot luck Christmas meal. Make this and add some colour to your Christmas menu!!

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