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Quinoa Pasta with Broccoli and Basil Cream Sauce


People nowadays have become quite health conscious and try to eat healthy. They make an effort to eat right. Some find it very difficult to eat the food that’s touted to be nutritious. In their minds they deem it boring and feel that they are missing out on the yummy things in life. That thought could be depressing for foodies. But there are some who act smart and find options wherein they can enjoy all the yumminess without compromising on the nutritional aspects. In today’s day and age, even for anyone following the most stringent diet with a lot of clauses attached, there are numerous ways to make and eat interesting and delicious food.

I always look for making pasta by avoiding the dreaded white flour. If you make your own pasta dough and roll out the pasta, then you can think of a zillion combinations to work with. But even without making your own pasta the department stores have a lot of non white flour pastas available, packaged and ready to be bought. This packet of goodness was sent by a thoughtful family member who was sweet enough to buy a packet for us. I wanted to make something worthwhile and incorporate a lot of fresh green ingredients that dictate nutrition all the way.

Quinoa is much loved by my husband for all the right reasons. There’s hardly anything to fault with this power grain. And a quinoa pasta I knew was something that he would love. At the mere mention of quinoa his antennae would perk up and he would have loads of superlative adjectives to say about the taste regardless of how it tasted. So I was secretly thrilled. Jokes apart, this pasta dish came out a winner even if I have to say so myself. I was very enthused making this pasta for another reason. My son loves Italian food and a mother’s heart swells up in happiness to see her children enjoy a meal cooked by her and I was no different.

I thought of making this pasta dish in an extremely nutritious way. Instantly what came to mind was to use broccoli along with the pasta to sneak in some extra benefits. It’s always a good idea to throw in a vegetable or two into the pasta to make it a healthy meal.

But the ingredient that took this dish to a whole new level was the addition of fresh basil from my backyard. Time and again I have understood the importance of using fresh herbs and every single time it has only made the dishes more glorious. The fresh basil was combined together with just a wee bit of fresh cream to give it that indulgent feel and taste.

The quinoa pasta was tossed together with the blanched broccoli florets. The pasta and the broccoli florets were enveloped in a creamy, green sauce where the sauce coated every penne bite and broccoli floret with its incredibly delicious flavour. Eating it was a “joie de vivre” moment for all of us which I intend to recreate again in the near future.

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