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Quinoa, Rajma, Tricolor Peppers Salad with Roasted Almonds


If anything deserves to be called a super food it’s definitely the Quinoa. Quinoa is as versatile as rice but has an interesting nutty flavour. It is a complete protein and a fantastic wheat free alternative. It ranks very high in the options for a gluten free diet.

Quinoa got to be commonly used at home because my hubby dear wanted to dabble with quinoa as an alternative to both rice and wheat. Fluffy quinoa can be used as the base to any meal instead of rice. It can be eaten with some vegetable stir fries and some lentil gravies as accompaniments. But I was not satisfied to just serve them some boiled quinoa for lunch and dinner.

I got thinking and did a little bit of homework and realized that a variety of preparations can be made with this power grain. Getting a little creative I tried something new with quinoa every single time and realized that it takes so well to many styles of cooking.

Every year we celebrate the Festival of Lights at my grand parents house with my entire paternal family from the oldest to the youngest member. This has been happening from as long as I can remember and this tradition continues till date. It’s a night of joy, color, lights, fun, love, warmth and good food. I decided to take something for the dinner and thought that I could take a salad. My husband remarked to me saying that let it not be a generic salad but something which people will remember and relish. He insisted that I make a yummy quinoa salad. Also realizing that a lot of people prefer a gluten free diet I started thinking of making a quinoa salad with interesting ingredients which will be liked by people with different palates.

The salad has rajma which is basically beans and quinoa as the main ingredients. Wanting to make the salad colorful, crunchy and attractive the red, yellow and green peppers came in handy. And what’s a wholesome, nutritious salad without the additions of some roasted almonds. They were tossed in a simple dressing that highlighted all the ingredients of the salad.

This salad was also sent to one of my dear friend’s place as they were celebrating a landmark birthday of an important member in her family. The feedback that I got was very satisfying. What was equally heartening was to see my family loving every mouthful of the salad. All the effort that was put into making the salad was more than worth it!

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