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Reindeers do find a predominant place in Christmas celebrations. Reindeers and Christmas go a long way. They play an integral part in the delivery of gifts by the lovable Santa Claus.

The stories of reindeers riding through the snow carrying Santa in a sleigh delivering gifts to all and sundry is something that is relished by one and all. Shouts of Santa’s heigh ho and the happy visages of the reindeers are Christmas memories that anyone can relate to.

So in this series of Christmas foods I decided to feature a reindeer dish. I wanted it to be fun and whimsical. It definitely had to be tasty too with a mix of savoury and sweet.

So I decided to make a reindeer sandwich. I created a reindeer sandwich with a savoury peanut butter filling. Then I brought in some sugar by using some candy for the eyes and nose. For the ears I used some fried rice and lentil twirls.

After all this, no abracadabra was required. The outcome of this cooking experiment was that you indeed had cute faces of edible reindeers looking back at you. Do assemble these reindeers and create an exciting stir amongst the children and your guests at your Christmas party !!

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