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Ripe Mango Yoghurt Gravy


On one of our temple road trips whilst travelling from one state to another a beautiful surprise awaited us. A known gentleman was nice enough to present us with a packet full of tiny, juicy mangoes. He handed over the packet saying that these mangoes were prevalent only to their region and that it was not available elsewhere. Goodies like these immediately catch my attention and I look forward to spending some more happy moments in the kitchen transforming these very same ingredients into something interesting and delicious.

The smell of these mangoes was so strong that it permeated throughout the car. We had quite a bit of distance to cover before we could reach our destination which gave me ample time to think of what exactly needed to be done with these green pebble like looking mangoes.

The gentleman gave us a heads up and told us that it’s good to be used in a lentil gravy preparation or in a yogurt gravy. I gravitated more towards the yogurt gravy and thought that the sweetness from the mango will strike the right balance with the sour, tangy notes of the yogurt.

After a few days and in that time I also got a clear idea as to how I wanted to make the gravy, I got around to making it. I decided to retain the skin and the seeds on the mango. The reason for that being, if they were removed then during the cooking process the flesh would be reduced to mush. After grinding some of the ingredients to a coarse paste, sautéing a few of them, simmering and tempering them the gravy was finally done. At the first tasting it happened to be a little too tangy for the likes of all so a little bit of a sweet element was introduced and the end result was quite satisfactory.

Like how the electronic gadgets and toys come with a user manual on how to assemble and use them this gravy came with a manual too on how to eat it. I was quite the school matron in charge when I went about instructing my husband and son as to how it should be eaten to partake of the deliciousness of the mangoes and the gravy in totality. The joy of sucking into the skin and seeds of the mango and letting the juices trickle down your throat is an inexplicable, euphoric experience. It takes one back to their childhood days when all these things and more were done while huddling together and eating mangoes with family and friends.

This gravy can also be made if these very same mangoes are not available too. Chunks and pieces of any ripe mango but which are a little of the firmer variety can be used with the skin on. Now is the right time to give this gravy a try when it’s raining mangoes everywhere. This is yet another way to feast on your favourite fruit of the season.

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