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Roasted Walnut, Sunflower and Pumpkin Seeds Toast with Blue Cheese and Chili Honey


Blue cheese or “bleu cheese” as it’s also known is not to the liking of everyone. With its bold, sharp and tangy flavour it’s not a preferred cheese by all. It’s pungent odour and distinctively strong flavour can be a put off for many. The blue cheese is spotted or veined throughout with the blue colour.

So, this was the cheese that I had to make a dish with. The people whom I was catering to that night were finicky about the cheeses that they ate and liked. They were sniffing and not liking what they smelt and were not happy with the cheese that was to be used. I had a tough task at hand to come up with something that would be palatable to them.

It was a continental menu that night with a fine selection of everything that was baked and fresh and none that was fried. I planned the menu in such a way that each dish was different in its own way with no overlapping of taste or ingredients. The only thing that caught me unawares was the time taken to finish making all the dishes. All of them had to be prepared and served immediately to be enjoyed to the hilt. The consequence of that were a few rumbling tummies waiting to have their meal. To compensate for this time lapse I had to create a winner of a dish.

I decided to serve the blue cheese with toast. But it had to better than the customary cheese n toast. I had to find ingredients to complement the overpowering flavour of the blue cheese. As a first step some blue cheese was applied onto a toasted slice of multi grain bread. Embedding that slice of multi grain toast with some roasted sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds and walnuts seemed like a good idea. The same was done. This dish was still not quite complete. It was still lacking that one ingredient which would make it an exceptional dish. And that was the chili honey which was drizzled over the nutty blue cheese toast.

I was personally very happy at how this whole dish came together. I served the hungry dinner party all the dishes. Mid way through the meal when they had sampled all the dishes they decided to rate the dishes in the order of their preference. And guess what , the cheese skeptics rated this toast their most favourite of the meal. And of course, I was thrilled beyond words with this verdict.

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