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Sautéed Agathipoo with Coconut, Grated Gur and Roasted Pumpkin Seeds


The botanical name for agathipoo is Sesbania Grandiflora. It is also called the humming bird flower. It is named after the Sage Agasthiya who is a Vedic Rishi as the flower is very scared and also has a lot of medicinal properties. The leaves of the tree are more commonly used than the flowers. The agathipoo is seldom available on the shelfs of vegetable markets as it has become difficult to procure. The nutritive index of the agathipoo is very high and is a good option to consume frequently.

These pink beauties were sent to us by a very loving family who were nice enough to share their bounty with us. They believe and subscribe to eating vegetables and fruits in an organic way and these flowers bring with it those very attributes which make them special.

Looking at the agathipoo and marveling at God’s creation I set about making a dish with it. I wanted to respect the key ingredient and didn’t want to do too much to it. I thought of sautéing the agathipoo with onions and green chilies and some traditional spices. The key is to not cook them for too long as they become mushy and squidgy.

Sautéing the agathipoo is like doing a science experiment. Like how we witness wonders when doing experiments the same happens here. Within minutes of putting the bright pink colored flowers onto the pan they get transformed into a distinct shade of deep purple. It is such a wonderful feeling to see it change color.

Since the agathipoo is astringent, to counter that I used some grated coconut and also sprinkled some grated gur which both bring some sweetness to the dish. And I finished off the dish with some crunchy roasted pumpkin seeds.

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