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Snow Man


During the Christmas holiday season guests are often greeted by the presence of a Snow man at the front yard of many houses. Building a snow man is something that kids love and is often also a family activity. The families get together and gather up snow and go about building an adorable snow man. They further dress up the snow man according to their whims and fancies.

This is my last post of this series featuring Christmas food. I decided to end this series with a snow man. I wanted to build and make a savoury snow man. This snow man could be your show stopper at your Christmas lunch, tea or dinner.

Nothing can prepare you for the excited, satisfied look on your face when you are done with making and building the snow man. You get to think that you ain’t not so bad after all and you can make something that closely resembles a snow man.

This snow man apart from looking like one had to be edible too. And I took the more tougher route by making a savoury snow man. The body of the snow man was flavoured cooked rice shaped into balls. Black olives took care of the eyes and the belly buttons of the snow man. The nose was a carrot stick and the mouth was a bright red capsicum. The cap of the snow man were rounds of crisp cucumbers. The shawl of the snow man was a thin sprig of cilantro. And savoury rice and lentil sticks took care of the hands of the snow man. And voila! You have an edible snow man standing right in front of you.

I hope this series of Christmas food related posts were fun,entertaining and enjoyable. Goad your children to make them and get them into the Christmas spirit by including them in your Christmas party food preparation plans. May all of you enjoy this joyful season with a smile on your face. Merry Christmas!!

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