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Star Bites


With Christmas less than two weeks away I thought that I will do a series of Christmas related posts. Hope these posts will give you some ideas to make a few foodie treats to delight your kids and guests alike.

The Christmas season is all about spreading joy and happiness. Santa, gifts,colours, stars,mistletoes,Christmas trees, reindeers and carols play an integral role in this festive season.

This post is all about using the star and making a bite sized appetizer. This appetizer can be passed around as a snack or also be placed on the table as part of the thematic Christmas decor. This is super easy and will be a hit amongst the kids.

Make stars out of any bread of your choice. Coat the stars with a generous amount of flavoured tomato sauce. Dot the centers with some green peppers. The stars, the red from the tomatoes and the green from the peppers make them so Christmassy.

These stars are so delicious and they contain flavours that seldom go wrong. Make these stars and kick start your Christmas festivities

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