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Stir Fried Spinach with Roasted Sesame Seeds and Nuts


Spinach somehow has to find its way onto everyone’s dinner table for the prime reason of it being packed with all the possible nutrients. It’s an easy ball game if your family is like my husband who will eat spinach irrespective of how it tastes. Boring, bland, bitter none would matter, for he would still quietly eat his spinach. But for my son the spinach has to be presented in ways and means that would be palatable. He many a times mutters under his breath, that he is left with no option but to eat spinach.

I received some organically grown spinach all the way from the hills sent to us by a family who constantly pamper us with fresh produce. This time I wanted to make something which is more appealing to my son. I decided to take the Chinese route and made a stir fry. I personally love spinach in either the Chinese cuisine or the South Indian cuisine. The nutritive index is maintained in this style of preparation as the spinach is not cooked too much.

In a stir fry it’s really important to know just when exactly you need to stop cooking your vegetables. That factor is of paramount importance towards the success of the dish. Stir fries are easy to make and you can make do with only a few ingredients and still create something delicious.

What I had on hand was a bagful of bright, vibrant, fresh green spinach. I tossed them into the pan with some onions and garlic which instantly enhance the taste of the dish. When the rigid spinach leaves start beginning to wilt and just about become limp, then that is the time to stop cooking the spinach.

Adding some Chinese sauces further upped the flavour and it also coated the onions , garlic and spinach. Sesame works so well with spinach and the inclusion of some roasted nuts gave it the much needed luxe factor.

Serve this dish to the spinach haters and you will see lesser frowns, whines, groans and resistance from them. It will be gratifying to see your loved ones eat their veggies without much of a mumble. As for the spinach lovers this stir fry is a big bonanza and will be thoroughly appreciated by them !!

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