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Stir Fry Corn with Beans and Capsicum


This stir fry sets itself apart from the rest mainly because the vegetables that are used are so fresh that it immediately wants one to make something out of it.

We were on a family vacation in the hills. None wanted to venture out to a restaurant for a meal and we decided to try to recreate the same experience at home. We shopped for some fantastic ingredients and chalked out a menu based on what we had. This stir fry was one of the main courses from that dinner.

The corn, capsicum and beans work wonderfully well in a stir fry. It can be a good meal option for those who want to avoid rice and noodles but still feel like having a Chinese meal. And the best thing about making it at home is being reassured that there is no MSG in the preparation.
What a yum way to eat the vegetables without trading off on the nutritional aspects.

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