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Tava Fried Panner Discs with a Herb Sauce


Paneer is a fresh cheese which is common in South Asia and especially popular in India. Paneer is not only rich in protein and calcium but is also a good source of vitamins, minerals and phosphorus which are required for a healthy body. When eaten in moderation you can partake of the health benefits as well as make it a treat for your taste buds.

Paneer is a firm favourite amongst vegetarians and one of the preferred options when the hard core meat eaters are asked to go vegetarian for the day. I have noticed it many a times when people chalk a menu for lunch or dinner get togethers, functions and events the menu is never considered rich and good enough if it doesn’t feature a paneer dish.

In this dish the panner discs are marinated in a herbaceous sauce and flipped back and forth on the tava and is served with a herby dip spooned over it. One option would be is to serve this as an appetizer.

There are times when you want to stay put at home and have some alone time to yourself and enjoy a nice, luxurious single course meal. This dish could just be that single course meal. Serve these paneer discs alongside a crisp, fresh, green salad and it will leave you feeling satiated and satisfied.

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