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Thyme Butter with Roasted Sunflower Seeds


I wanted to use the sprigs of thyme from my aunt’s organic garden patch in a memorable and noteworthy dish. One of the many things that came to my mind was to make a flavoured butter with them. It’s a nice way of preserving these fresh herbs and savouring their goodness for many days to come.

I always have a thing for butter with different textures. It brings in a totally new dimension to the butter. The presence of the sprigs of thyme enhances the butter with their aroma. It also sets the tone for an attractive and delicious meal. Some crunch was added to the butter by throwing in some freshly roasted sunflower seeds. All in all this turned out to be one fancy looking, fantastic tasting butter.

All these ingredients lend a nice texture to the butter. You can pull them out of the refrigerator, use the desired quantity and put the rest back in. You can make them ahead and store them as slabs by refrigerating them for future use .

This butter can be slathered onto vegetables and meats which in turn can be oven roasted, baked and grilled wherein all the various diverse flavors come together so beautifully. With the different varieties of artisan breads that are available, this butter is such a good bet to team the bread with. It’s an excellent hors d’oeuvre which even if made in a haste will turn out damn right tasty.

Happy buttering !!



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