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Triple Decker Tricolour Sandwich with Tomatoes, Basil and Cottage Cheese


India celebrates its Independence Day today as it completes seventy years of independence from the British Raj. Freedom didn’t come easy to us and many people made a lot of sacrifices to make it happen. This day is celebrated to pay tribute to all the leaders who were part of the freedom struggle and made the dream of being a liberated nation a reality.

The National Flag of our country is hoisted on this day and our National Anthem is sung standing in attention as a mark of respect. The tricolours that comprise of our National Flag are deep saffron, white and green. Keeping up with the spirit of patriotism I thought that a dish with all the colours of the Flag would be an apt dish to celebrate the Independence Day.

So a tricolor triple decker sandwich it was, to celebrate this very important day in the history of our nation. There were a million ideas swimming in my mind as to how to make this sandwich. I have always loved the flavours of the different varieties of pasta sauces. Using these sauces and making a sandwich seemed like an exciting proposition to me.

The colours of the Flag were incorporated in the three layers of the sandwich. The deep saffron was got from a hearty, rich tomato sauce with the right amount of herbs and seasoning. The white colour of the Flag was brought into the sandwich by an indulgent garlicky cheese paste. The green colour was taken care of by making a pesto sauce with fragrant, fresh basil leaves and pine nuts with some olive oil. The sandwich was made more wholesome by the inclusion of some cottage cheese cubes and some spring onions in each layer. They are again in the colours of white and green. This was a sandwich were the goodness of the pasta was translated into a sumptuous, filling sandwich.

Make this tricolour triple decker sandwich with the colours of our Flag and celebrate this Independence Day with renewed vigour to leave this country as a better place for the citizens of the present and the future.

Wishing all of you a very a Happy Independence Day and may each and everyone of us stay united and make our country a super power in the years to come. Jai Hind !!

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