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Vegetarian Caesar’s Salad


This salad is a vegetarian twist on the conventional Caesar’s salad. The Caesar’s salad which is pretty much like the “KING OF SALADS” gets a new avatar here in the vegetarian version.

There’s no need for the vegetarians to fret anymore since they cannot eat the Caesar’s salad. Here in the vegetarian version the quintessential anchovies are done away with and also the chicken has been swapped with cottage cheese and it still remains to be a delightful salad. This salad caters perfectly well to the whims and fancies of a vegetarian salad lover.

To make it more wholesome and nutritious this salad has been tweaked and a lot more vegetables have been included. Anyone who loves a salad with a creamy dressing would love this salad too.

Crispy green lettuce, niblets of sweet corn, crunchy bell peppers, soft pillowy cubes of cottage cheese, white and mauve hued onions and freshly baked croutons are all tossed together in a lip smacking dressing and finished off with sprinkles of Parmesan cheese. I’d love to eat something like this anytime of the day and any day of the week.

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