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Watermelon Fruit Pizza


Was having guests over for breakfast on a warm summer morning and had to think of a sweet option. Wanted to serve them the perfect fruit, fit for a hot morning and nothing to beat the watermelon in that. Thought to myself how fantastic would it be to serve the watermelon with a riot of colors. Incorporated a little bit of sweetness to it and it became a novel, lip smacking dessert.

When I was going through the menu options with my husband I told him that I am going to serve a watermelon pizza as the finale to the meal. He looked at me like I had gone cuckoo. He was like, “I trust your culinary prowess et al but seriously a watermelon pizza?” Seeing me persevering with the same idea he was suggesting in a very polite manner that pineapples in pizzas are considered to be exotic but don’t go overboard with your creativity and serve the guests a disaster of a dish. I quietly explained to him as to how I am going to go about making it and he agreed.

The youngest guest was quizzed about his favourite breakfast options and watermelon was one of them. I was in luck because despite not knowing their preferences the watermelon pizza was on the menu and it happened to be a fond favorite of theirs.

Big triangles of luscious watermelon was kept ready. Fresh, flavored cream was slathered on them. What’s life without a myriad of colors. I decided that could be applied to the watermelon pizza too and thought of fruits which would perk up the taste and looks of the dessert pizza. Small pieces of red strawberries, tiny rounds of purple grapes and thin slices of kiwi were placed very delicately on them. And the fruit pizza was all done and ready to be served.

I served it on a plate with a fork. Everyone at the table cut small pieces of this pizza and enjoyed the refreshing, tangy, sweet pizza. I had my family over for lunch and served the same pizza to my aunt and sister. I served it to them saying that it was a watermelon pizza and hearing that my sister remarked to me saying that since it’s a pizza let’s do away with the fork and eat it like how one eats a pizza, in the good old way. They very gingerly lifted the watermelon pizza with their hands and bit into a juicy mouthful and their gleeful expressions said it all. This watermelon pizza was a fantastic, fitting finale to a fabulous feast and floored my family and friends alike.

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