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Watermelon and Grape Sparklers with a Rose Water Dip


With Diwali less than a few hours away I deemed it fit to post a Diwali based fruity treat or in other words a fruit kebab with a dip or you can even call it a fruit salad with a light, fragrant dressing.

Nothing about the ingredients that are used here is Diwali based. But it looks like a colorful Diwali sparkler that all of us are so used to lightning and swishing and swaying and enjoying from our childhood days. The sparklers are the most quintessential of all the crackers and the fireworks that one is so excited to burst on the day of Diwali. It is the mother of all crackers and the most safest that people of all age groups from the tiny tots to the oldest member in the family loves to indulge in. It is the safest and the best for the not so brave and weak hearted souls.

With talks about doing away with the bursting of crackers for a more purer and non polluted environment I thought that these fruity sparklers would be a good idea of keeping up with the Diwali spirit in an organic manner. And I also felt that it would be a refreshing break from all the sugar and ghee loaded sweets that we have been bombarded with over the past two weeks and more.

These fruity sparklers are a simple dessert option and they look so vibrant and pretty to plate and serve. They are just stars of fresh, juicy, luscious watermelons skewered along with round, purple hued beaded grapes. I decided that it would be more exciting to serve these sparklers with a light, cheery rose water sauce. I knew that rose water dressings go so well with watermelon as I have tried that combination in a few of my other dishes in the past. I garnished the rose water dressing with some fresh, organic rose petals to complete this cool,beautiful sauce.

Welcome the Festival of Lights by making these fruity sparklers and treat your family and friends to a reinvigorating dessert. Wishing all of you a very Happy, Prosperous and Safe Diwali !!

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