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Wheat Pasta Pockets with Cottage Cheese in a Tomato Basil Cream Sauce


These wheat pasta pockets need a special mention because it brought with it a lot of love. They were gifted to me as pasta sheets by my dear niece. Asking my preference she decided to make me wheat, eggless pasta sheets. She kneaded the dough, hand rolled them herself and brought them to me with a lot of fondness. This was reason enough for me to step into the kitchen to make something special with these pasta sheets.

I actually didn’t need too much of thinking to come up with this dish. It was a lot of work to put everything together but the end result was worth it. When your family happily tucks into the food then all the efforts put into the making of the dish is reduced to nought. My husband and son relished this dish thoroughly making it a nice meal that we enjoyed together.

I decided to make pockets out of the pasta sheets. The sheets were cut into squares and boiled al dente. The filling was a rich mix of some grated cottage cheese with all the herbs and the best of seasonings on hand. The pockets were filled with this tasty filling and they were given the serrated look. The imperfect striations on the pockets and the different sizes of the pockets is a constant reminder “that life need not always be perfect for it to be good!” Then a delicious tomato basil cream sauce was done to be eaten with the pockets.

The pasta pockets were served on a bed of tomato basil cream sauce. It is quite a meal by itself which is enriched with all the nutrients. There are options galore to play around with the filling of the pockets. Butternut squash purée, mushroom onion compote, spinach and cheese, creamy ricotta and the list goes on, are a few of the options to fill the pockets.

This is a classic Italian dish that can become a family favourite. It is a filling, wholesome meal which will leave you charged to take on the day with vigor. All your vegetable intake can be taken care off by incorporating them either into the sauce or the filling. Make your own variation of this dish and enjoy with your family.


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