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White Chocolate Coated Citric Style Strawberries


Everyone is ready to welcome the new year with a fresh clean slate. Some make resolutions and some just have the resolve to make it the best year possible irrespective of what life throws at them.

It is also the season to be merry and jolly. Everyone toast to new beginnings and are in an excited mood. They gather together with friends and family on New Year’s Eve to rejoice and share their happiness and joy. It’s always a dayto look forward to. The New Year’s eve is a day when the past is put behind and the present is celebrated to the fullest.

On a New Year party it’s always fun to serve fanciful bite sized appetizers. Desserts could also be bite sized and sophisticated at the same time. After a heavy meal it’s always preferable to have a fruit as one of the dessert options. It does not need to a a boring fruit platter. The fruit can be presented in a likeable manner.

This white chocolate strawberries with Citric sprinkles is “the” dessert for the white chocolate and strawberry fans. It’s a totally mouth watering combination. The bright red strawberries are
coated in a velvety creamy molten white chocolate. They are then rolled over some sugar crystals and some lime and orange zest. The sweetness and the richness of the white chocolate is cut through by the tang of the strawberry and the zesty sprinkles.

Make these white chocolate citric style strawberries and entice your guests and welcome the new year with renewed vigour and a zest for life. Wishes for a very happy,healthy,prosperous and successful new year. Happy New Year !!

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