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Zucchini with Garlic, Fresh Oregano and Grated Cheese


The fresh oregano leaves that were used in this dish were from my aunt’s home garden up the hills. It was organic and pesticide free and was tended to with a lot of care.Therefore they deserved to be used in a dish which make these fresh oregano leaves sing. So I went about selecting a dish where there were just three to four ingredients and I wanted all of them to complement each other. And that’s exactly what they do in this dish.

Fresh oregano leaves have a robust and woodsy flavour and are an important culinary herb. They are most commonly used in Italian cooking. Pizzas and oregano are a match made in heaven. It is always suggested to use more of fresh oregano leaves when the recipe is substituted with fresh leaves as opposed to using the dried oregano herb.

Go fresh by grabbing a bag of some fresh oregano leaves, organic garlic and zucchini and some fresh cheese and you are all set to make this dish. This dish is so soulful and you can instantly feel that you are eating right. The oregano is so aromatic and when combined with the garlic and zucchini you realize that this sauté could feature more often at your dinner table. This is such a straightforward dish that any novice can not only make it but make it delicious too !!


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